Dr. med dent. Jan Munziger is your experienced dentist for anxiety patients in Zurich.
Going to the dentist is uncomfortable for some patients when negative experiences have led to anxiety or panic. The fear of being exposed to a situation in which one is at the mercy of isolated pain and unknown procedures is an unpleasant side effect for some people.

Fear patients therefore often postpone regular visits to the dentist and usually wait too long until they come for a check-up or treatment. During this time, necessary measures cannot be implemented and impending illnesses cannot be detected in good time. Due to the long waiting time and the increasing negative influences on the teeth, the affected teeth may possibly be lost.

In his renowned dental practice in Zurich, Dr.med. dent. Jan Munziger specializes in the treatment of anxiety patients and together with his professional dental and anesthesia team also offers short-term treatments under general anesthesia.

In a detailed consultation we explain all steps of the examination and build up your trust in a relaxed atmosphere. In this way, we relieve our patients of their first fear in advance and respond individually to their needs. There is also the possibility of a treatment with laughing gas, in which the relaxed state prevents you from cramping and you can experience the work carried out without any problems.

Make an appointment today in our trustworthy dental practice and place yourself in the hands of an experienced dental team.