PRACTICE - Vineyard 62, 8006 Zurich

The practice at the vineyard "styleyoursmile" offers holistic dental treatment from a single source. At Dr. med. dent. Jan Munzinger works with a team of experts for the professional treatment of tooth, mouth and jaw pain, periodontitis therapy, implantology as well as dental hygiene and aesthetics. In the feel-good atmosphere of the practice, we take a lot of time for you and especially for anxious patients. we start the treatment only when all questions have been answered.

Your dentist in Zurich

With our concept of dental care we achieve exactly this goal: Sytleyoursmile employs highly qualified dentists who have specialized in various areas of dentistry in addition to general dentistry. Whether root canal treatment, dental implants, dental prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, gum treatment or veneers - for every dental concern, we have experts who have excellent knowledge in this area due to their training and further education. This makes Styleyoursmile a centre of excellence in dentistry.

Your professional dentist in Zurich offers you holistic all-round care for your teeth and provides thorough and preventive care. Styleyoursmile- this is state-of-the-art dentistry in an exclusive dental clinic in the heart of Zurich. Our sustainable healing and care concept keeps your teeth healthy and ensures a perfect oral flora.

Our modern treatment methods convince with our passionate vocation, a professional expertise and a compassionate philosophy in dealing with our patients. In our dental clinic in Zurich we work with the most modern dental technology and guarantee you the best possible treatment in a relaxed atmosphere of well-being.

We give you a secure feeling, promote your trust in our qualified dentists and respond individually to your wishes and needs. As a renowned dental clinic in Zurich, we place particularly high demands on the quality and resonance of our services. The health of your dental apparatus and its satisfaction are the cornerstones of our professional work.

In our modern practice you will receive excellent care from our dentist in Zurich.

The unique architecture of our treatment rooms creates a pleasant and relaxing ambience in which you can also relax and feel good before, after and during the treatment. We work with high-quality devices and natural materials, which stand for a long life span, a good compatibility and an optimal result. Styleyoursmile meets all the high standards of luxurious and flawless dental care in Zurich.

Our team of dentists in Zurich is highly qualified and committed to your well-being.

Your dentist in Zurich consists of a specialized team of qualified dentists and dental hygienists. Every specialist is trained in detail and reliably by us and supports the exclusive service of our dental clinic in Zurich. Our specialists will do their utmost to make your visit and your treatment as pleasant, painless and anxiety-free as possible.

In order to guarantee you a trustful and reliable work, we have our own digital dental laboratory for inlays, crowns, high-quality dentures and the fabrication of splints. We only use high-quality materials such as ceramics and special plastics that have been extensively tested.

We can also offer you absolutely painless treatments in our dental clinic in Zurich with great possibilities of anaesthetic medicine. In addition to local anaesthesia, we offer you deep-sleep anaesthesia, which is naturally performed by our experts under the appropriate supervision of a special anaesthetist. The team of dentists led by Jan Munziger ensures that you leave our practice with a smile after every painless treatment. Thanks to innovative techniques such as laser treatment, we can efficiently minimize pain during drilling or the removal of inflamed tissue. The early detection and the combined prophylaxis, which is very important in regular check-ups, prevent the development of diseases of your periodontium. Your dentist in Zurich stands for a comprehensive range of services in dentistry. Specialist implantology, high-quality endodontics, thorough dental hygiene and a reliable emergency service are the hallmarks of our renowned dental clinic. We are the right people to talk to when it comes to the preservation, care and health of your teeth.

Our dental clinic is located directly in the heart of Zurich. Simply visit us by car or public transport. Sufficient parking spaces and patient-oriented service await you on site!