Your Emergency Dentist in Zurich on the vineyard

These steps are very important:

1. Press a cloth against the gap to stop the strong bleeding
2. Insert the tooth or teeth that have been knocked out into milk (do not clean)!
3. Contact a dentist immediately

Your Emergency Dentist in Zurich Not every treatment can be planned in advance. A toothache usually occurs when you can use it the least – and even a dental accident usually occurs without warning. We won't let you down in an emergency. With us you can always book your appointments at short notice. A dental emergency can occur at any time, and the feeling of pain is different in every person. The nervous system is very finely ramified and complex in the neck and head area.

In case of pain in the mouth, you should try to remember when they first occurred and where you first felt them. Also ask yourself:
Are the pains constant? Do you experience the pain while chewing? Or when you have something cold or hot, sweet or sour food? or under other conditions? What exactly?

Any indication to the cause of pain or peculiarities is helpful for us. This will allow us to provide you with the best treatment for your toothache.

For us as a treating dentist/emergency dentist It is important that our patients understand what we are doing. Therefore, we give you all necessary information before the treatment.

We will always show you one or more alternatives for each treatment. And if you have any questions, we will gladly answer them.

We want the best for you. It is important for us that you get a pleasant and safe treatment with us. This also applies to accidents, of course.

If you come to us after an accident, it is important that you also inform your insurance company, as this can also help you in most cases.

Please contact your insurance company to obtain information. We have corresponding forms in our practice in Zurich, but some companies have their own.

We will be happy to help you fill out these forms.

Emergency dentist Zurich – Proper behavior after a dental accident

A dental accident usually happens completely unexpectedly. But if it happens, you want one thing above all: the rapid help of a competent dentist. We are here for you: In an emergency, you will receive an appointment on the same day. We will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email. If you send us an email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you come to our dental practice in Zurich for toothache, we would like to receive some information from you, this helps us to diagnose:

How did the toothache start?

For how long does the tooth hurt already?

When does the pain occur?

Some pains occur in cold or heat, others when eating sweet or sour foods, others spontaneously. It is also important for us to know:

is the pain constant or does it vary in strength or position?

With answers to these questions you are well prepared for your visit to your dentist in Zurich. Please do not take any painkillers before you come to our clinic. This allows us to better diagnose and treat the cause of pain.

Then we recommend that you contact your insurance company. The reason: Insurance companies usually want information about the condition of the tooth – we can give them to you when you visit us.

For this purpose, you will receive a form which we fill out and send to your insurance company. In many cases, insurance covers all or part of the treatment costs.