Dental hygiene in Zurich in the dental practice at the vineyard, because two teeth brushing on the day is not enough

In order to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth, thorough oral hygiene is important. Thorough and regular brushing alone is not enough to permanently maintain dental health.

Professional dental cleaning and dental hygiene can help here. This should be carried out on a regular basis, because prevention (prophylaxis) is the nuts and bolts.

A regular dental hygiene helps to prevent caries and periodontitis effectively. How?
The removal of soft and hard dental surfaces as well as the removal of tartar prevents bacterial diseases of the periodontium (tooth holding apparatus).

Both the dental health and the appearance of the teeth (the dental optics) benefit from this treatment.

Brushing teeth twice a day creates the basis for good oral hygiene. Daily cleaning of the tooth spheres with dental floss or interdental brushes improves the situation.

Unfortunately, with these two measures only a maximum of two thirds of the tooth surfaces are reached. This means that not all dental pads can be removed.

Even with an electric toothbrush this is not enough!

Lack of dental hygiene leads to the fact that food residues are easier to reach and deposit in tooth intermediates. Diseases of the teeth and the periodontium (tooth holding apparatus) are the result.

Professional Dental cleaning is an important component of your dental hygiene

Professional Dental cleaning is an integral part of dental hygiene. This is how it usually works:

Stubborn dental coverings are removed,

Cleaning of tooth spaces

Finally, the teeth will be polished.

After that, you can easily clean the teeth at home again, because after a professional dental cleaning, bacteria can no longer hold on to the tooth surfaces as easily.

In addition to professional dental cleaning, we recommend specific measures to reduce your personal caries and periodontitis risk significantly.

Dental hygiene or professional dental cleaning?

The two measures are different:

Professional tooth cleaning is done on the surface. The dental plaque is removed, the teeth are cleaned – but only to the edge of the gum

Dental hygiene also eliminates bacteria that have settled in gum pockets or below the gums. Only specially trained dental hygienists are allowed to perform

Patients with periodontitis should pay particular attention to good dental hygiene, since teeth, gums and especially the periodontal pockets are heavily populated by bacteria.

In our practice in Zurich, dental hygienists have acquired extensive knowledge in the field of diagnostics and treatment of periodontitis, and they are happy to advise you personally.

Dental hygiene Zurich in the dentist's surgery

On the Vineyard – how it works

In dental hygiene, the teeth are first examined. In the diagnosis of periodontitis, the depth of the gum pockets for each tooth is also measured.

Dental plaque and Tartar, which have formed above and below the gums as well as in the gum pockets, are carefully but gently removed.

Our dental hygienists use ultrasound and mechanical instruments to achieve the best possible result.

Next, clean the tooth intermediates with dental floss or fine interdental brushes. Now the tooth surfaces can be polished smoothly.

Lastly, they wear a special fluoride varnish that delays the emergence of new bacteria-inhabited dental surfaces and plaque.

Such comprehensive dental hygiene as we offer in our dental practice in Zurich has a long-lasting effect. You should schedule about one hour.

In the course of the treatment we also give you tips on how to optimize your oral hygiene at home.

Are there any risks? This treatment is considered to be very low risk.

Patients with heart valve impulses are advised to discuss with the dentist in advance whether antibiotic treatment is required.

Patients who take blood-thinning medications should also discuss this with the dentist in advance so that an increased bleeding during treatment is properly interpreted.

In order to achieve an optimal result, you should ensure that the treatment is performed by a dentist and a specially trained dental hygienist.

How often? We recommend dental hygiene or professional dental cleaning at a distance of 3 to 6 months. Also, for checking your own dental plaster technique and daily oral hygiene at home.

Do you have questions about dental hygiene or professional dental cleaning? We are happy to advise you extensively. Please make an appointment for a non-binding consultation in our practice in Zurich.

You can reach us by phone at + 41 43 443 42 42. You are also welcome to arrange an appointment online.