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Preserve your original teeth and at the same time maintain your health with optimal care of your dental equipment!

By the age of seven at the latest, we have developed our final teeth and all your life you will have to provide them with reliable service. In the past, a missing tooth was irre-trievably lost. Nowadays there are alternatives and an artificial replacement after a tooth loss. However, in order to prevent teeth from being destroyed prematurely and having to be taken out, you can ensure the protection and health of your teeth in the right time. With perfect dental care, you can grow old with your original teeth and enjoy them for a long time.
Styleyoursmile is your reliable partner for professional and preventive prophylaxis. Our extensive range of consultations, regular check-ups, dental cleaning and preventive care, guarantees high-quality and sustainable dental care. You yourself can make a supportive contribution to preventing your teeth from falling ill.

Optimal dental care includes:

- Daily tooth brushing following the KAI method. If possible, teeth should be brushed with toothpaste after every meal. Dental floss or inter-dental brushes are available for thorough cleaning of the inter-dental spaces.

- A healthy and low-sugar diet.

- Regular checks and examinations by your dentist (recommended every 6 months).

- Professional tooth cleaning by experienced dental hygienists.

- The thorough care of the gums. Gum loss causes exposed tooth necks and increas-es the risk of tooth neck decay.

- Chewing sugar-free chewing gum that stimulates saliva production. The saliva neutralizes acids and rinses small food residues from the teeth.

- Prevention beginning in early childhood. The health of the first teeth determines the further condition of the fixed dentition. Dental care cannot be started prematurely.

Styleyoursmile helps you care for your teeth. Your experienced dentist will show you how to maintain effective dental and oral hygiene and protect your teeth from tooth de-cay and other diseases. Choosing the right brushing equipment and an individual diet plan, can be fantastic prevention. Every time you visit a dentist in our first-class dental clinic in Zurich, we check your dental equipment, investigate the condition of your teeth and take timely action on the health of your teeth. In this way, we offer you optimal prevention of tooth loss. The costs for a dental prosthesis can sometimes be very high. If you pay attention to perfect dental care as early as possible, you can save a lot of money in your old age.