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Styleyoursmile shows you how to protect your children's teeth from diseases.

"Mom and Dad, I'll brush my teeth tomorrow" - 80 percent of parents have probably heard this sentence before. The dear little ones find the care of their teeth at a young age more annoying than important, because they do not yet recognize the necessity of the early prophylaxis of their teeth. However, regular tooth brushing is absolutely im-portant and decisive for the development of the teeth in order to protect them from damage beforehand. If you start with the right dental care at an early age, you will benefit from it for a long time during your old age, and you will be saved from premature tooth loss. You can help your children brush their teeth and give them a lasting understanding of dental care.

The professional dentists from styleyoursmile recommend the following methods for correct dental care for children from birth, so that the dental system of the children re-mains healthy for a long time.

Even for babies, early dental care is an optimal prevention against tooth decay and den-tal diseases! At the age of 6 months, adorable babies get their first bite. This is definitely the right time to start with dental and oral hygiene. With a special baby toothbrush and matching baby toothpaste, you can brush your child's teeth once a day with or without toothpaste thereby removing the sugar from breast milk from the teeth.

From the age of two, you can clean the child's teeth twice a day with baby toothpaste. Before the little sunshine sets, you can also brush his teeth while lying on the diaper-changing table. Shimmering teeth are best wiped with a cotton swab or a damp cloth.

At the age of 3-5 years the soft milk-teeth must always be well protected!

The oral cavity and the dental equipment are prepared with the milk-teeth for the dura-ble fixed teeth. Therefore, the milk-teeth must always be well cared for, so that no dis-eases are transferred to the other teeth. Your children should brush their teeth thor-oughly twice a day, using a toothpaste recommended by the dentist. The ideal time to clean your teeth is after breakfast and before going to bed. The best way to do this is to use an extra toothbrush and a portion of pea-sized toothpaste. Make sure that your child brushes his or her teeth in the nursery or kindergarten, and change the tooth-brushes every 6-8 weeks! Even now, your child can slowly be introduced to the regular check-up at the dentist. The first playful experiences protect your child from the threat of fear. The emphatic dental hygienists of styleyoursmile will take good care of your child's first positive dental experiences.

The new teeth usually come at the age between 6-8 years. At this age, your child has to brush his or her own teeth and take care of them properly.

Particularly, the chewing surfaces must now be cleaned thoroughly by your child, because food can quickly accumulate in the cavities of the molars and cause tooth decay. If the nodding teeth hurt while cleaning, simply hold your finger on them as a support, and clean the other side. A fissure sealing (fissures = depressions in the molars) by the dentist at this age, can further contribute to the protection against tooth decay. We will be happy to advise you on this, in our renowned dental clinic at Weinberg in Zurich.

At the age of 13, the change of teeth is usually complete. The teeth now have to last for a while and should therefore be well cared for.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and thoroughly cleaning the interdental spaces is a must. In addition, you and your child should visit your dentist twice a year for a check-up. Of course, you will always serve as a role model for your children, and you should pay attention to perfect dental care. Styleyoursmile supports you with high-quality pro-fessional tooth cleaning and explains to you the best way to protect your children's teeth from damage.