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The reliable dental team at the Weinberg Dental Clinic in Zurich attaches great im-portance to preventive dental care and effective prophylaxis in order to preserve your original teeth for as long as possible. This is why we ensure excellent dental hygiene through qualitative prophylaxis. During the annual check-up, all necessary measures are taken to maintain your dental health. Professional tooth cleaning intensively re-moves all plaque. After removing the plaque, your teeth receive a polish with a rotating rubber cup and fluoride-containing paste. This smooths the surface of your teeth and makes it more difficult for new plaque to adhere. A fluoride-containing gel or varnish forms a protective film on your teeth, at the end of the treatment. Also the prevention of periodontitis by innovative therapy methods provides for the decrease of gingivitis and preserves your dental apparatus. Periodontitis is quickly diagnosed and successfully treated during regular visits to the dentist. Our excellent treatment methods include pro-fessional tooth cleaning as well as the removal of bacteria in the tooth pockets and de-tailed advice on the correct brushing techniques.

We also start with a targeted antibiotic treatment to kill off the aggressive pathogens. In the cases of severity, when more bone has already been broken down, special regenerative procedures may also be used un-der certain circumstances. In this way, we make it possible to restore tissue that has already been lost. An intact oral flora with optimal oral hygiene supports the develop-ment and health of your teeth.

If there is an emergency, we will immediately be there for you. Every minute counts when teeth are broken out or lost due to external circumstances. We will treat you im-mediately in order to save your tooth. You should never put it under water, but only in milk, so that its content is preserved and you can immediately start your journey to us. Our emergency service is also always available for patients suffering from pain. Our team of dentists knows immediately what to do. We determine the cause of the problem and relieve you of your pain. In the case of dental accidents involving children, you must immediately visit a dentist who can treat the wound professionally. This prevents further damage.

The health of your teeth is just as important as the health of your organism. Untreated inflammations can subsequently lead to dangerous diseases and circulatory problems. Our prudent and specialist emergency service is covered by our responsible dentists. All insurance matters and emergency measures are immediately clarified, and we help you out of your emergency situation.