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Implants, artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic offer enormous advantages. We can replace your teeth exactly as they were and give you back a perfect set of teeth. Implants restore your dental apparatus to its full function.

At the same time, the high-quality dental prosthesis convinces with perfect aesthetics. Single teeth as well as several teeth or even an entire row of teeths can be adequately replaced in our dental practice in Zurich.

You regain a natural appearance and your usual chewing feeling. The discreet and fixed implant adapts optimally to your dental position as if it were your real teeth. Dental implants do not have to be attached to adjacent teeth. Their healthy tooth substance therefore remains intact. Implant-supported dentures load the jawbone just like natural teeth. This protects the jawbone from degradation.

In addition, you have considerably more firmness and thus more safety and comfort in everyday life. We offer you implant-supported prostheses that are absolutely firmly attached to your jaw. Our excellent im-plantologists treat you individually and respond to your personal wishes. We can re-place your teeth painlessly and professionally in a relaxed and hygienically perfect environment. All the steps of the implantology process are discussed with you in advance and planned in detail. Entrust yourself to our trained doctors and look forward to new teeth!