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We work in accordance with the highest standards in order to provide you with healthy care. This includes the selection of high-quality materials together with the ap-propriate processing of the material, which meets aesthetic and functional requirements and puts as little strain on your organism as possible.

The processing and selection of materials in dental technology plays an important role in current dentistry. The dentist introduces many different materials into the human body. Therefore, together with the trained dental technician, he should have specialist knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of materials. This knowledge influ-ences all decisions for the therapy, for the choice of materials, their combination possi-bilities and to a great extent the treatment. This can only be successful if the fabrication of the dental prosthesis is carried out conscientiously by a specialist, the dental techni-cian. At styleyoursmile, you benefit from the many years of experience of our experi-enced dentists and are provided with all round care. We operate your teeth according to the highest standards of dentistry and ensure a quick and healthy recovery of your dental equipment. It goes without saying that we check and advise you in advance in detail and test and inquire about all incompatibilities and existing illnesses. Your dental health and the best surgical conditions are our top priority. Successful aftercare and modern healing methods guarantee you a lasting and happy recovery. The dental technicians at the Weinberg dental clinic will impress you with their high-quality surgical results.