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At Dr. Jan Munziger's dental clinic we give you a flawless smile.

With the optical beautification by wafer-thin ceramic plates, so-called veneers, you can once again present yourself easily and self-confidently. Venneers are permanently attached to your teeth. From now on you will shine with an optimal smile.

Crooked teeth and gaps in your teeth impair the appearance of your teeth. As time goes by, discolorations and chipping also reduce the appearance of your dental apparatus. With high-quality veneers, our professional dental experts repair all the damages on the surface of your teeth and ensure a perfect and healthy dental image. They radiate good looks and charisma and feel good again. In our renowned practice in Zurich, we use the highest quality ceramics and a special plastic to achieve the longest possible lasting result. Even broken corners of your teeth can be repaired and polished with veneers. Enjoy the painless and gentle treatment method and look forward to white and healthy teeth! We beautify your teeth.