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We will straighten your teeth and you will enjoy a perfect set of teeth.

At Dr. Jan Munziger's dental practice, an excellent team of experts gets your teeth into shape. We straighten your teeth with the latest dental technology and in an absolute feel-good atmosphere. The innovative Invisalign method excels with its fantastic tech-nology and high-quality materials. With the help of transparent splints and aligners, your teeth are shaped gently and optimally without the use of wires or brackets. Enjoy a harmonious and expressive smile! The almost invisible splints easily adapt to your teeth and do not cause pressure pain. From now on we will correct your misaligned teeth without the use of an annoying fixed brace. Simple and complicated tooth straightening is now uncomplicated and effective with lasting effect.

The team of trained dentists at the Praxis am Weinberg in Switzerland, is your top address for professional orthodontics with Invisalign. Since Align from the USA launched this medical innovation in Germany in 2011, patients have been able to enjoy the almost invisible Invisalign braces from Aigner. Aigner Orthodontics is carried out in our clinic by experienced dental technicians and orthodontists with the use of transparent plastic braces. Our braces are guaranteed to be manufactured according to Swiss quality standards and are manufactured to a high standard. Your teeth are not damaged and are thus gently straightened. Under the highest quality standards and with biologically compatible plastics, we treat you gently and guarantee you a pleasant wearing comfort. The Invisalign braces are manufactured and individually adapted for you, after an appropriate examination. We concentrate on your well-being and your satisfaction by a successful correction of the existing tooth malpositions. Styleyoursmile makes your teeth straight again and makes them laugh radiantly.

The Invisalign treatment method offers you impressive advantages:

- Only biologically compatible materials.

- Transparent removable splints.

- Orthodontics without fixed wires and braces.

- Clinically proven correction of malocclusions in your teeth.

- Invisible Aigner.

- Precise technology of how and when a tooth is moved.

- Gentle treatment methods.

- Comfort and aesthetics.

Enjoy the efficient and painless process of an orthodontic treatment with In-visalign!

We take care of your dream smile.

Before the trained team of dentists in our dental clinic in Zurich begins straightening your teeth, we first check the health of your dental equipment at a check-up appoint-ment. During a subsequent scan and preparation of the X-ray image for treatment with Invisalign, we ensure that the preliminary planning is based on sound dimensions. In the planning phase, we create the necessary images and measure your tooth position. At the next check-up, after an extensive consultation, you will receive your personal treatment plan with a suitable cost estimate. The modern Invisalign splints are specially made for you. In the first session, your teeth will be cleaned of all impurities and pol-ished. The fixed equipment of the mobile Invisalign braces is then glued, as it remains in the dental apparatus until the end of the tooth position correction. Finally, our orthodontist uses plastic splints, which allows for the slow movement of the teeth. Of course, we will provide you with detailed and supportive information on cleaning, wearing time and handling of the fantastic Aigner splints. The splints are constantly adapted during other regular checks and treatments. Precise monitoring and absolutely comprehensive care are your guarantee for a fantastic and lasting result of treatment with Invisalign. Arrange a personal appointment now and let our specialists give you detailed advice!