Comprehensive consultation and obtaining a second dentist's opinion in Zurich from Jan Munzinger

Your dentist is your trusted partner when it comes to the long-term health and care of your teeth. With every treatment, you can rely on his competence and sense of respon-sibility to ensure that your dental apparatus and oral cavity are in perfect condition.

Your dentist in Zurich

If you are unsure of an imminent procedure, getting a second dental opinion can give you a reassuring feeling.
Typical doubts may arise if the following questions have not been answered in advance:
- „Is the method of treatment the right one for me?“
- „Have all factors been taken into account and do I feel fully informed?“
- „Am I in the best hands for this procedure?“

Obtaining a second dentist's opinion creates security. Normally, this does not pose a problem for the treating dentist. Simply ask for your personal medical documents such as x-rays, treatment plans or dental reports. With the already available documents you save time and costs when giving a second opinion.

You are welcome to contact us! We will make an appointment for you with one of our specialist dentists, who are perfectly familiar with the relevant field! This way you feel comprehensively advised and can make your own decision about the further healing procedure.

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